Which command in MS-DOS is used to move a batch file to a specific label or location?

The format command is used to format a drive in the file system that you specify. The goto command is used in a batch or script file to direct the command process to a labeled line in the script.

Which command in MS-DOS is used to move a batch file to a specific label or location Mcq?

The goto command

How do I move a file in DOS?

The goto command moves a batch file to a specific label or location, enabling a user to rerun it or skip other lines depending on inputs or events.30 Dec 2021

How many types of commands are there in MS-DOS?

Move a single file to another location
  1. Open a command-line window. Click the Windows button to open the Start menu and type "cmd.exe" in the "Search programs and files" text box. …
  2. Navigate to the directory containing the source file. …
  3. Type “move thisfile. …
  4. Press “Enter” to execute the command.

What is DOS write any 5 commands of DOS?

There are three types of MS-DOS commands: Internal, External, and Recovery Console Commands.

What is context switching Mcq?

MS-DOS and command line overview
Command Description Type


13 Mar 2021

What is operating system Mcq?

Answer: 3. In computing, a context switch is the process of storing the state of a process or of a thread, so that it can be restored and execution resumed from the same point later. This allows multiple processes to share a single CPU, and is an essential feature of a multitasking operating system.

How do I see hidden files in Linux?

An operating system is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides general services for computer programs. Some operating system examples include macOS, Microsoft Windows, Google’s Android OS, Linux Operating System, Apple iOS, etc.

What is the copy command in Windows?

First, browse to the directory you want to view. 2. Then, press Ctrl+h . If Ctrl+h doesn’t work, click the View menu, then check the box to Show hidden files.

How many characters can be in a secondary name of a file?

Press CTRL + C to copy it, and press CTRL + V to paste it in the window. You can also easily paste text you’ve copied from another program into the command prompt using the same shortcut.

How do I open DOS in Windows 7?

The older MS-DOS FAT file system supports a maximum of 8 characters for the base file name and 3 characters for the extension, for a total of 12 characters including the dot separator.

What is root Mcq Linux?

You can launch most DOS apps in a 32-bit version of Windows 7 simply by double-clicking the DOS program’s .exe or .com file. If it doesn’t work, or if there are problems, right-click the file and select Properties. Click the Compatibility tab.

What do you mean by multitasking operating system?

Answer: 1. /etc/ — Contains configuration files and directories. /bin/ — Used to store user commands. /dev/ — Stores device files. /root/ — The home directory of root, the superuser.

What kind of software are MS Windows?

Multitasking, in an operating system, is allowing a user to perform more than one computer task (such as the operation of an application program) at a time. The operating system is able to keep track of where you are in these tasks and go from one to the other without losing information.

What is meant by page fault?

Microsoft Windows, also called Windows and Windows OS, computer operating system (OS) developed by Microsoft Corporation to run personal computers (PCs). Featuring the first graphical user interface (GUI) for IBM-compatible PCs, the Windows OS soon dominated the PC market.

How do I run a CD in Linux?

In computing, a page fault (sometimes called PF or hard fault) is an exception that the memory management unit (MMU) raises when a process accesses a memory page without proper preparations. Accessing the page requires a mapping to be added to the process’s virtual address space.

How do I change the mode in Linux?

To navigate to your home directory, use “cd” or “cd ~” To navigate up one directory level, use “cd ..” To navigate to the previous directory (or back), use “cd -” To navigate through multiple levels of directory at once, specify the full directory path that you want to go to.

How do you paste on a Dell laptop?

To change file and directory permissions, use the command chmod (change mode). The owner of a file can change the permissions for user ( u ), group ( g ), or others ( o ) by adding ( + ) or subtracting ( – ) the read, write, and execute permissions.

How do you copy and paste on a Dell laptop without a mouse?

Video: Cut, copy, and paste
  1. Cut. Select Cut. or press Ctrl + X.
  2. Paste. Select Paste. or press Ctrl + V. Note: Paste only uses your most recently copied or cut item.
  3. Copy. Select Copy. or press Ctrl + C.

How do you name a file on a computer?

How to Copy and Paste With the Ctrl/Command Key
  1. Highlight whatever you plan to copy. …
  2. Long-press the Ctrl or Command key, and select the C key once. …
  3. Place the cursor where you want to paste the copied content.
  4. Long-press the Ctrl or Command key, and select the V key once to paste the content.

What are the three parts of a file name?

File naming
  1. Files should be named consistently.
  2. File names should be short but descriptive (<25 characters) (Briney, 2015)
  3. Avoid special characters or spaces in a file name.
  4. Use capitals and underscores instead of periods or spaces or slashes.
  5. Use date format ISO 8601: YYYYMMDD.
  6. Include a version number (Creamer et al.
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