What nationality is the name Remus?

The name Remus is boy’s name of Latin origin. Remus is one of the legendary twins who, with brother Romulus, founded Rome. An unusual yet classic name for the extremely adventurous who can put aside the stereotyped image of Uncle Remus. Though because of that “ream” first syllable, we prefer Romulus.

Is Remus a Russian name?

Remus (Marathi: रेमुस, Russian: Ремус) is found most frequently in Germany. It can also be rendered in the variant forms: Remuš, Rémus or Remuş. Click here for further possible spellings of this last name.

Is Remus a French name?

The surname Remus was first found in Artois, a former province of northern France where they held a family seat in the seigneurie of Campeau, and were one of the distinguished members of the aristocracy in the north-east tip of France where their estates were as far south as Lorraine, Picardy, and Champagne.

Whats the name Remus mean?

Latin. Remus means “oar” in Latin. In Roman mythology, Remus founded Rome with his brother Romulus. 22 is sometimes known as the “master builder”, and many numerologists consider it to be the most powerful number a person can have!

Is Remus a unisex name?

The name Remus is primarily a male name of Latin origin that has an unknown or unconfirmed meaning.

Is Remus a Romanian name?

The name Remus is boy’s name of Latin origin. Remus is one of the legendary twins who, with brother Romulus, founded Rome.

Does Remus mean wolf?

Since the novels were published, J.K. Rowling has also revealed that Lupin’s father’s name was ‘Lyall’ which originates from the Old Norse word ‘Liulfr’, once again meaning wolf. Yep, Remus’s dad’s name literally translates to ‘wolf wolf’!

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Who is Romulus and Remus?

Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome. Traditionally, they were the sons of Rhea Silvia, daughter of Numitor, king of Alba Longa. Romulus and Remus suckling their wolf foster mother, bronze sculpture, c. 500–480 bce; in the Capitoline Museums, Rome.

Is Remus a biblical name?

What is the meaning of Remus ? Remus is baby boy name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is .

What name means moon?


This name means “moon” in Sanskrit.

Is Sirius a girl name?

The name Sirius is primarily a male name of Greek origin that means Burning Brightly. Brightest star, also known as alpha Canis Majoris (Dogstar).

What does the name nymphadora mean?

Meaning of Nymphadora

(Latin),Nymph, gift Greek for gift of the nymphs.

Is Sirius a male name?

Sirius is a boy’s name of Greek origin.

Where does the name Romulus come from?

The name Romulus is boy’s name of Latin origin meaning “citizen of Rome”. He was the original Roman, Remus’s twin and a founder of Rome.

Is Remus a Greek name?

Remus and his twin brother Romulus were the founders of Rome in Roman mythology. Their mother was Rhea Silvia, daughter of the king of Alba Longa, Numitor, and their father was Mars, the Roman god of war and equivalent of the Greek god Ares.

Who killed Remus?

According to St. Jerome, Remus was killed for his mockery by one of Romulus’ supporters, either Fabius or Celer, who killed Remus by throwing a spade at his head. Afterwards, Romulus mournfully buries his brother, bestowing upon him full funeral honours. However, most sources would convey that Romulus killed Remus.

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What is the Japanese name for wolf?

The Japanese word for “Wolf” is ookami 狼.

Where did Romulus and Remus come from?

Romulus and Remus were born in Alba Longa, one of the ancient Latin cities near the future site of Rome. Their mother, Rhea Silvia, was a vestal virgin and the daughter of the former king, Numitor, who had been displaced by his brother Amulius.

How do you pronounce numitor?

numitor Pronunciation. nu·mi·tor.

Does Remus Lupin have dyslexia?

chromat1cs: Remus has dyslexia. It was mild when he was learning to read, but worsened severely after he was bitten. He hates reading aloud but he devours books on his own in hopes that it will go away with enough words shoved into the nooks of his brain.

Is Remus Lupin related to the Weasleys?

After the war

He usually spent much of his time with the Potter and Weasley families. These families were also distant relatives of his through his maternal grandmother’s side of the family.

Who told that Lupin was a werewolf?

He has his reasons…” (PoA 356). Snape hears Lupin admit this while hiding under the Invisibility Cloak and also hears Lupin explain that he was not part of Sirius’s joke. Snape still thinks Lupin is helping Sirius, however, and attacks Lupin. He then lets slip that Lupin is a werewolf the next morning.

Is Remus a god?

Remus is the son of Rhea Silvia, daughter of King Numitor of Alba Longa , and Mars, the Roman God of war.

Why was Remus important?

The legend of Romulus and Remus gave Romans a divine ancestry since the twins were said to be the offspring of the god Mars and the Vestal Virgin Rhea Silvia. The story also presented a lesson in overcoming adversity. The twins were left in the Tiber River to drown, but they miraculously survived.

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Who abandoned Romulus Remus?

Romulus and Remus were twin brothers. They were abandoned by their parents as babies and put into a basket that was then placed into the River Tiber. The basket ran aground and the twins were discovered by a female wolf. The wolf nursed the babies for a short time before they were found by a shepherd.

Is Sirius a word?

Astronomy. the Dog Star, the brightest-appearing star in the heavens, located in the constellation Canis Major. Also Sir·i·us .

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