What is Session method in SAP ABAP?

About Session method. In this method you transfer data from internal table to database table through sessions. In this method, an ABAP/4 program reads the external data that is to be entered in the SAP System and stores the data in session.

What is session method in BDC?

Session method is always synchronous. Message is handled automatically by the session log. Mostly used for huge amount of data upload. Multiple Trasactions can be processed by a single session method.19 Nov 2015

What is difference between call transaction and session method in SAP ABAP?

The Call Transaction processes the data more quicker than with batch input sessions. 'CALL TRANSACTION USING ' does not automatically support interactive correction or logging functions. Sessions Method support stopping ,going back and correcting sessions that contain errors, and provides log details.5 Feb 2009

Is session method Asynchronous or synchronous in SAP ABAP?

Session method

Data processing is Asynchronous.19 May 2014

Which is faster call transaction or session transaction in SAP ABAP?

Log file is generated automaticly in Batch input, errors can be found through BDCMSGCOLL. Batch input has sy-subrc check with the database where as call transaction doesn't have so call transaction is fast.

What is SHDB SAP?

SHDB is the tcode used to capture the screen sequence and values of a transaction for data transfer.

What is BDC in SAP PP?

BDC means Batch Data Communication, not Batch Data Conversion.

What is SAP BDC?

Batch Data Communication or BDC is a batch interfacing technique that SAP developed. It is mainly used for uploading data into the SAP R/3 system. BDC works by simulating the user input from transactional screen via an ABAP program.

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What is SAP Lsmw?

The LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) is a tool based on SAP software that supports single or periodic data transfer from non-SAP to SAP systems (and with restriction from SAP to SAP system). Its core functions are: Importing legacy data from PC spreadsheet tables or sequential files.

What is difference between BDC and Lsmw in SAP?

LSMW is generally for normal SAP applications, while BDC is mainly for any customized applications. LSMW is a Non-SAP to SAP communication TOOL, whereas BDC is a SAP to SAP communication UTILITY. LSMW(Legacy System Migration Workbench) is a more user-friendly tool, through which one can do the same work as the BDC.

What is the difference between synchronous and Asynchronous update in BDC?


Synchronus data processing is that in which the program calling the update task waits for the update work process to finish the update before it continues processing. In Asynchronus update the callng program does not wait for update work process to finish the update and continues as normal.

How do you create a BDC?

Recording a BDC Session (SHDB)
  1. Enter /nshdb in the command field and click Enter. …
  2. In the Recording menu, select Create. …
  3. In the Recording field, enter a name for the recording file. …
  4. In the Transaction code field, enter a transaction code and click Enter. …
  5. Enter the vendor identifier in the Vendor field.

What is BDC code?

BDC means Batch Data Communication, not Batch Data Conversion. Moreover, it was renamed Batch Input at least 20 years ago (the term BDC is still widely used though).

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What is a batch input?

Batch input is one of the primary ways in which data can be transferred into the SAP system. Batch input is used for bulk data transfers and not for near real-time data transfers. Typical uses of batch input include the one-time import of data from a legacy system into a newly installed SAP system.

What is lock object in ABAP?

Lock Object is a feature offered by ABAP Dictionary that is used to synchronize access to the same data by more than one program. Data records are accessed with the help of specific programs. Lock objects are used in SAP to avoid the inconsistency when data is inserted into or changed in the database.

What is a batch input session?

A batch input session is a set of one or more calls to transactions along with the data to be processed by the transactions. The system normally executes the transactions in a session non-interactively, allowing rapid entry of bulk data into an SAP system.

What is ale SAP?

Introduction. In an SAP System the Application Link Enabling (ALE) is one of the core integration technologies. It involves the exchange of hierarchical data documents known as Intermediate Documents (IDOCs). There are two scenarios, inbound to SAP, and outbound from SAP.

What is the Tcode for uploading logo in ALV?

the transaction for uploading logo for ALV is OAER.

What is difference between call transaction and session method?

Sessions Method support stopping ,going back and correcting sessions that contain errors, and provides log details. With ‘CALL TRANSACTION USING ‘you can go for update the database both Synchronously and Asynchronously but Sessions method does Synchronous Database updates.

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What is BAPI and IDOC?

BAPI ( Business Application Programming Interface) it is Function module through which you can communicate TO SAP. IDOC (Intermediate Document) is a Document to trnsfer data between SAP Systems or From an SAP to Non SAP system.

How do you record in SAP?

In the SAP GUI, click System > Services > Batch input > Recorder The SAP GUI Transaction Recorder opens. Click New recording. Type a name for the Recording, type the Transaction code for the transaction that you want to record, and then click Start recording.

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