How do I import an Angular project into Visual Studio Code from Git?

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  1. Download the angular project.
  2. Unzip the project. …
  3. After Unzip, open the project folder.
  4. Press Shift + Mouse Right click on background.
  5. You will see Open Powershel/Open Window Here on the popup Menu.
  6. Write the command: npm install or npm i.

How do I import a project from git to Visual Studio Code?

Clone a GitHub repo and then open a project
  1. Open Visual Studio 2019.
  2. On the start window, select Clone a repository.
  3. Enter or type the repository location, and then select Clone.
  4. You might be asked for your user sign-in information in the Git User Information dialog box.

How do I open an Angular project in Visual Studio 2022?

So here we go to create a new project so as you can see here. Now. We don't have any templates withMoreSo here we go to create a new project so as you can see here. Now. We don't have any templates with the exception of the blank.

How do I link my git code to Visual Studio?

Installing Git in Visual Studio
  1. Step 1: Download and install Visual Studio Code in your system using the official website.
  2. Step 2: Download and install git in your system using the official website.
  3. Step 7: Go to Settings in Visual Studio Code.
  4. Step 8: Now go to the Search Bar and type – “Git: Enabled”.

How do I install git on Windows?

To install Git, navigate to your command prompt shell and run the following command: sudo dnf install git-all . Once the command output has completed, you can verify the installation by typing: git version .

How do I use https to clone?

To clone a repository we just need to type such command:
  1. git clone <REPOSITORY_ADDRESS>
  2. To do clone with HTTPS, just go to the location where the repo is to be placed in the terminal and enter the following instruction:
  3. git clone

How do I debug Angular in Chrome?

You can find the JavaScript Debugger under the sources tab of the ChromeDev Tools. As you look for bugs in your Angular code, this tool allows you to set breakpoints and inspect your code at runtime. It also gives you the capability to obtain the value of your variables at different points in time.

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How do I uninstall Angular CLI globally?

How to Uninstall and Reinstall Angular cli?
  1. Uninstall Angular CLI: npm uninstall -g @angular/cli.
  2. Clear Cache: npm cache clean –force. npm cache verify.
  3. Install Angular CLI: npm install -g @angular/cli. Now you have new version of angular cli. so you can check it by following command:

How do I delete remote origins already exists?

To go about that, you could follow the steps below:
  1. Create a new repository online using GitHub or GitLab.
  2. Go to your local repository and remove the existing origin remote.
  3. Add the new online repository as the correct origin remote.
  4. Push your code to the new origin.

How do I paste into Git bash?

There are two ways to copy and paste in Git Bash:
  1. Keyboard: Hold Shift and use the left/right arrows to select a text area, then press Enter to copy. Paste text by pressing Insert .
  2. Mouse: Left-click and drag to highlight a text selecting, then right click to copy.

How do I delete a repository on GitHub?

Deleting a repository
  1. On, navigate to the main page of the repository.
  2. Under your repository name, click Settings.
  3. Under Danger Zone, click Delete this repository.
  4. Read the warnings.
  5. To verify that you’re deleting the correct repository, type the name of the repository you want to delete.

How do I delete a git repository?

Delete a Git repo from the web
  1. Select Repos, Files.
  2. From the repo drop-down, select Manage repositories.
  3. Select the name of the repository from the Repositories list, choose the … menu, and then choose Delete repository.
  4. Confirm the deletion of the repository by typing the repo’s name and selecting Delete.

How do I add a remote repository?

Adding a remote repository

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To add a new remote, use the git remote add command on the terminal, in the directory your repository is stored at. The git remote add command takes two arguments: A remote name, for example, origin.

How do I debug JavaScript in Visual Studio?

Debug server-side script
  1. With your project open in Visual Studio, open a server-side JavaScript file (such as server. …
  2. To run your app, press F5 (Debug > Start Debugging). …
  3. Press F5 to continue the app.
  4. If you want to use the Chrome Developer Tools, press F12 in the Chrome browser.

How do I open a TS file in Chrome debugger?

Then set the debug line marker on ts file and use normal java script keyboard(F8, F10, F11 etc) feature to debug it. Steps: Open Chrome’s Developer tool F12 . Press Ctrl + P in Chrome Dev Tools to search a TS file and open it.

How do I uninstall node JS from Windows?

How to Uninstall Nodejs Using Control Panel from Windows 10?
  1. Open Start and search for Control Panel. …
  2. Or, simply press the Win key+R to open Run. …
  3. Click Programs.
  4. Under the Programs and Features option, click Uninstall a Program.
  5. Look for Nodejs and right click on it.
  6. Now, click Uninstall.

How do I remove TypeScript from Windows?


You can now uninstall “TypeScript Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015” from the Control Panel in Programs and Features. It was automatically installed with Visual Studio 2015 in my case.

How do I delete a cloned git repository?

Steps to delete a local Git repo
  1. Open the the local Git repo’s root folder.
  2. Delete all of the files and folder in the Git repo’s root folder.
  3. Delete the hidden . git folder with File Explorer or through the command line.
  4. Run a git status command. A fatal: not a git repository error verifies that the Git repo is deleted.

How do I delete a branch git?

Deleting a branch LOCALLY

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Delete a branch with git branch -d <branch> . The -d option will delete the branch only if it has already been pushed and merged with the remote branch. Use -D instead if you want to force the branch to be deleted, even if it hasn’t been pushed or merged yet. The branch is now deleted locally.

How do I delete a git bash command?

hanselmandrew commented on Jun 28, 2019
  1. Opening VSCode.
  2. Opening a terminal instance connected to git bash.
  3. Hit return multiple times to create lines with git bash info.
  4. Use a shortcut key (CTRL+L in my case) or the command input box to execute “Terminal: Clear”

How do I remove a remote git repository?

How to Remove a Git Remote From Repository
  1. Option 1: Remove a Git Remote Using Command Line.
  2. Option 2: Remove a Git Remote by Editing the Configuration File.
  3. Remove the origin Remote.

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