Can u light fire underwater?

With careful application, a sustained fire can be created even underwater. Plasma cutting is a procedure for underwater burning in Baltimore that cuts electrically conductive materials.

What happens if you light fire underwater?

The oxidizer is the oxygen in the surrounding atmosphere. These two ingredients can sustain a candle flame. In the case of an underwater torch, both the combustible substance and the oxidizer must be supplied by hoses leading down to the torch, since no free oxygen is available underwater.

Can something be on fire under water?

Many combustible materials contain their own oxidizers so burning underwater is completely possible. Underwater flares are very common and most people would describe the output as a flame.

What kind of fire can burn underwater?

Molten Thermite Is so Hot It Burns Underwater.

Can the ocean burn?

The ocean-surface fire was caused by a ruptured underwater pipeline, according to the state oil company Pemex.

Is the ocean really on fire?

Yes, this is real. It may look like CGI, but a whirling vortex of fire really erupted on the surface of the ocean near Mexico’s Yucatan peninsulia on Friday. The country’s state oil company Pemex blamed a gas leak from an underwater pipeline for sparking the blaze.

What happens if you shoot a gun underwater?

Ballistics: When guns are submerged underwater, the water quickly fills the barrel that when you fire the gun, the bullet will have to push all the water out from the barrel bearing all the weight of the water which may be heavier than the bullet. This will dramatically decrease the range of the bullet.

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How hot is Greek fire?

The experiment used crude oil mixed with wood resins, and achieved a flame temperature of over 1,000 °C (1,830 °F) and an effective range of up to 15 meters (49 ft).

Can there be fire in space?

Fires can’t start in space itself because there is no oxygen – or indeed anything else – in a vacuum. Yet inside the confines of spacecraft, and freed from gravity, flames behave in strange and beautiful ways. They burn at cooler temperatures, in unfamiliar shapes and are powered by unusual chemistry.

Can the ocean freeze?

Ocean water freezes just like freshwater, but at lower temperatures. Fresh water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit but seawater freezes at about 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit , because of the salt in it. When seawater freezes, however, the ice contains very little salt because only the water part freezes.

What can burn underwater?

Thermite, a mixture of rust and aluminum. YouTube/TheBackyardScientist This flowerpot full of red powder looks pretty innocuous. But when ignited with a strip of magnesium and a blowtorch, it yields a molten metal so hot it keeps burning underwater.

Would a bullet fire in space?

Fires can’t burn in the oxygen-free vacuum of space, but guns can shoot. Modern ammunition contains its own oxidizer, a chemical that will trigger the explosion of gunpowder, and thus the firing of a bullet, wherever you are in the universe. No atmospheric oxygen required.

Do astronauts carry guns?

Guns were never carried aboard U.S. spacecraft. Instead, a sharp machete served as the most serious armament for a jungle landing. Besides, with a worldwide U.S. network of bases and existing air-sea rescue forces, odds were that any downed astronauts would be found and rescued pretty quickly.

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Can Greek fire burn underwater?

Once lit, it burned extremely hot and could even stay burning under water. It was used by the Byzantine navy to defeat their enemies and, in fact, Greek fire is credited with making the Byzantine military extremely powerful.

Has anyone made Greek fire?

Greek fire was introduced in 672 AD in the reign of Emperor Constantine Pogonatus, the inventor being an architect called Callinicus of Heliopolis. Greek Fire was used in the great Siege of Constantinople and with success in their campaigns up to the 13th century.

What does space smell like?

sweet-smelling welding fumes’, ‘burning metal’, ‘a distinct odour of ozone, an acrid smell’, ‘walnuts and brake pads’, ‘gunpowder’ and even ‘burnt almond cookie’. Some astronauts have likened the smells of space to walnuts.

How cold is space?

The Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite has refined temperature measurements taken way back in 1964. According to data from the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite, the temperature of space is 2.725K (2.725 degrees above absolute zero).

Can you drink ocean water if boiled?

Desalination is the process of removing salt from seawater, making it drinkable. This is done either by boiling the water and collecting the vapor (thermal) or by pushing it through special filters (membrane).

Which sea has no salt?

Lake typeNative namePrimary inflowsPrimary outflows
Dead Sea
ים המלח (Hebrew) البحر الميت (Arabic)

18 more rows

Can u light fire underwater?

With careful application, a sustained fire can be created even underwater. Plasma cutting is a procedure for underwater burning in Baltimore that cuts electrically conductive materials.

Will a body decay in space?

In space we can assume that there would be no external organisms such as insects and fungi to break down the body, but we still carry plenty of bacteria with us. Left unchecked, these would rapidly multiply and cause putrefaction of a corpse on board the shuttle or the ISS.

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